How to Make a Impactful Keynote Speech

What is Keynote Speaking?

Keynotes are an integral part of a convocation. It helps outline and establish not only the schedule and introduction of the conference but it also sets the tone for the rest of the night. That is why it’s important to deliver a promising keynote speech.

There is a certain art to Keynote speeches, that when delivered right, has the positive effect of inspiring and motivating the listeners and to reiterate its important task of setting the tone for the rest of the event. You will notice that some of the well known industry leaders such as Bill gates, Steve Jobs and others are among the very few keynote speakers with the power to influence their audience. Having well known keynote speakers also benefits the event by raising the audience attendance, improving credibility, and increasing engagement.

As you can tell by now giving a keynote speech can be very beneficial to yourself and your event.

It should be made clear that keynote speakers are not motivational speakers in any aspect. The main difference is that the keynote speaker can actually capture the essence of the meeting through inspirational elements, storytelling, or theatrical performances. Depending on the hosting organization’s industry you can pick and choose in how to best perform a keynote speech.

What is the main goal of keynote speaking?

We have touched on keynote speaking as being inspiring, motivating, and educational but what does that entail?

Keynote speaking can be used to cover important ideas and concepts that are relatable to the core audience. The keynote speech itself should be relatable to the audience. It should grab the attention of the audience and keep it for the rest of the event. A well known keynote presentation is using a story to present the idea that changed a company or a person. Although be aware there are other more efficient ways of executing a keynote speech.

What makes a great Keynote?

Making a great keynote speech falls solely under the responsibility of the speaker. Like stated before having an exceptional speaker can increase the size of the audience, the credibility of the event and the engagement you will get from your audience. How does a keynote speaker achieve this?

A keynote speaker needs to have outstanding social skills as their main talent. In that brief time the speaker is the center of attention and in that timeframe they have to be relatable, authentic, and most importantly make the audience feel comfortable. It is a talent few possess to be able to enthrall an audience in a short amount of time.

Now the difference between a good versus a great keynote is the fact that the speech is used to bring attention to the solution to a problem rather than the problem itself. Take for example world hunger. Almost everyone is aware of world hunger and chances are your audience is already in the industry to fight world hunger. To present a new and relevant idea to battle world hunger will serve a better purpose in your speech.

It seems like a bit of a challenge right? We will go over on how you can achieve the same attributes a great keynote speaker possesses next.

How do you deliver the best keynote speech?

It is best to start with some analysis and research. It is important to note that there is no one way of presenting a keynote speech. Looking up videos online of famous keynote speeches can be a great start. Look for events in your area and try to attend them live so you can not only understand the speaker but also acknowledge the audience. This is a good time to note that as this speech concludes you may (depending on the event) get to speak with the presenter face to face. Feel free to ask any questions you might have regarding keynote speaking.

On a side note, reach out to Renée Marino as she is currently a leading keynote speaker and has over 10 years of experience and would be happy to help. She also offers personal training in keynote speaking and master communication.

While creating a keynote speech start by researching and then do more research. It cannot be stressed enough how a good amount of investigation can play into making a good speech. This can mean deep diving into researching the industry, finding out what the challenges are of the industry, finding all of the new and upcoming news and technology, and among other things you might run into. The goal here is to be relatable to the audience and be able to professionally understand the industry.

What Should your speech be about?

It is now time to craft your speech.

Your first goal should be to understand the event itself. Knowing whether the event is a training session, conference, or a meeting can help you tailor your speech with the right tone.

Knowing your audience is also an important step to crafting the best speech. Understanding who will be listening to the speech and what the audience already knows or needs to know can be vital to the speakers success.

When crafting your speech make sure to fact check and weed out any errors. Don’t also forget to pay special attention to the details of your speech. The intent of the keynote is a very important aspect of your speech.

Some extra tips: Building rapport with your audience throughout the speech can make sure your audience stays engaged and waiting on your every word. You can do this mainly by being relatable.

What to avoid in a Keynote speech

Here are some tips to help you avoid some common mistakes that can be made while researching, creating, or presenting a keynote speech.

  1. Try to make a keynote speech from scratch and avoid looking for a template or copying another speech. Do not look for a template as this is one of those where one size does not fit all. The speech is supposed to be authentic and tailored for that specific audience. You are always welcome to use other speech as inspiration but avoid having a duplicate of someone else's speech.

  2. Don't avoid the purpose of the event you are in. Keep the message of your keynote speech relevant and purposeful. Try to avoid using the speech to sell yourself or straying too far from the message of the event. Use your time up on the stage to push the agenda of the event.

  3. Never just read the presentation. It is understandable that it is nerve racking being up on the stage but you should look like you belong on that stage. If you are introverted or have never given a speech before it would be crazy not to just read off a paper and avoid eye contact with the audience. However you will have to fight every urge and do the exact opposite. Get as much practise beforehand too and if you are continuing to make keynote speeches look forward to feedback from your listeners.

If you have been chosen to make a keynote speech you have a hard task ahead of you. However if you follow some of the tips we have laid out and ignore the bad traits of keynote speakers you will have a great chance of success.

However if you are choosing a keynote speaker, reach out to Renée marino today and see if she is a good fit. She has over 10+ years of experience in broadway and the entertainment industry. She is well known for her lead female role in the movie “Jersey Boys” and she is ready to help make your event a great success.

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