Renée Marino invites you to her “How To Be Yourself On Camera” Workshop, where you will gain the confidence and tools to bring your most authentic self to your videos!

Why is it so CRUCIAL to be able to BE YOURSELF ON CAMERA? Because in this NEW NORM of the VIRTUAL WORLD, you are on CAMERA all the time! Whether it’s for ZOOM meetings, or to create VIDEOS for your business, or to CONNECT with FAMILY, learning to turn your NERVES into EXCITEMENT, so YOU CAN BE YOU, is a MUST!!!


Zoom Workshop

A zoom workshop with a Q&A with Renée

Facebook Group

A private facebook group with like minded individuals

Follow Up Zoom Call

A Follow up with Renée to discuss progress

Video Analysis

Renée will share some of her own videos for the members to observe


PDF Camera essentials


PDF video checklist 

Video Feedback

Feedback from Renée on one of your videos

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Our upcoming workshop is on November 17th  

Ready to Step into your Power and Improve your personal and professional relationships? 

Renée Marino will help you to become comfortable with authentic communication in your personal and professional relationships, beginning with the relationship that you have with yourself! Once you master your communication skills, you become unstoppable!

  • One-on-One Coaching

  • Workshops

  • Keynote Speaking 

  • Company Training

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