Empowering entrepreneurs to create one-on-one connections, broaden their business reach, and give their brand a personality beyond a logo and photos, through the power of connecting on camera.


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Meet Renée

Renée Marino is a professional communication coach who recently co-hosted Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi’s first-ever virtual “World Summit.” As a communication coach, she teaches numerous programs including, "How to Be Yourself on Camera," which helps new and established entrepreneurs get past their fears around being on video. Whether it's for Zoom meetings, live videos, or standard ones, Renée provides the tools and guidance for one to be able to bring their most confident self to the camera. In addition, she trains companies to communicate authentically with their clients and she also coaches one-on-one.

Renée has inspired people worldwide as a coach and longtime performer, with her energy, relatability, and authentic spirit. She has spoken, performed, and been interviewed on thousands of live and virtual stages, and she has signed a book deal with Morgan James to publish her first nonfiction book called, "Becoming a Master Communicator."

She can be seen as the female lead role-Mary Delgado- in the film “Jersey Boys” directed by Clint Eastwood, which is currently on Netflix.  She was featured in People.com -"Ones to Watch", Variety and in The Huffington Post.

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