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What to Do Next Time Zoom Turns You Into a Cat

Did you guys see that viral Lawyer Cat video? HILARIOUS!

(If you haven't, scroll down to see the video below.)

Once I was done laughing, I started thinking about what a fantastic lesson Cat Lawyer is on how to work around the unexpected when on camera.

This gentleman handled a mortifying situation like a true champ!

When the judge points out that he has a filter on, he acknowledges the blunder and says that his assistant is working on troubleshooting. He then bravely states: “I’m prepared to go forward”.

And this is the kind of mindset that we all need to have whenever we get on camera!

Almost a year into the pandemic, we’re all still learning how to use all of this new technology. Accidents will happen and they will oftentimes do so when you least want them to - like the middle of an important court hearing, for example.

This is why we need to be prepared and have an action plan for when things go wrong.

So what should you do if you ever find yourself accidentally turned into a fluffy kitten by Zoom?

Below are a few pointers to help you keep your cool:

1. Keep Calm

Don’t get nervous! You can be sure that in the last year every single one of us has had to deal with some sort of malfunction on a video conferencing app. Same as projectors malfunctioning ruined plenty of meetings in the ’80s and 90s, these Zoom hiccups are part of our new normal.

2. Own it

When the judge points out the problem, Lawyer Cat answers: “It’s a filter and I don’t know how to remove it”. By doing this he is acknowledging the problem and letting his audience know that it's out of his control.

3. Troubleshoot

If you can’t solve the issue quickly, don’t hesitate to ask for some time to solve it. Consider muting your microphone and blocking your camera so that you can have some privacy to work around the problem or call someone who can help you.

4. Ask for help

As I said before: we’ve all been there and we know what it’s like. If you can’t solve the problem yourself and there’s no one around to help, the person or group you’re talking to may be able to help you.

5. Laugh it off and carry on

Laughing it off was difficult for poor Lawyer Cat and it will be for most of us too. It’s easy to turn the whole thing into a joke when we're among friends. But it’s a different game when the conversation is a court hearing in front of a judge. While joking may be out of the question in plenty of scenarios, owning the blunder will help you own the moment.

Rod Ponton redeemed himself by bravely choosing to proceed as an adorable Lawyer Cat. And that says more about his character and the kind of person he is than any picture-perfect video.

I don’t know about you guys but I’ll choose Lawyer Cat to represent me in court any day!

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